You may have read in this tumblr post  how I’m nervous about my tour and was contemplating what to wear, in magical fantasy dress land. WELL. Now I have FOUR COSTUMES OUTFITS to wear on my tour, each an homage to my book cover! My pal Susan hooked me up with a custom dressmaker, who was then furnished with a little Spoonflower fabric of the hand-drawn repeat pattern from the back of my book cover, and TA DA. She made me an amazing 1950s style dress (with pockets!) and fancy T-shirt! (I made the skirt. You maybe can’t tell in the photo, but you could probably tell in real life. I’m not so good at sewing.)

And THEN, because of FABULOUSNESS, I commissioned my pal Nora to make me an amazing Relish tunic for the tour! She screenprinted a little fork/knife/spoon drawing I did in GOLD onto a lovely tunic the color of my book cover, and it looks GORGEOUS. You can see the concept photo I sent to her, and the accompanying shot she sent back of the finished product (SO ACCURATE).

I’m pretty excited/nervous about my tour. Now I’m gonna be excited/nervous IN STYLE!

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    The dress is my favorite ^_^ I really really really want this book but I don’t know if our bookstores carry it :’( (I’m...
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    We’re one of Lucy’s stops (Sunday, April 28! 6:30pm!) so if you weren’t already ridiculously excited for this event, you...
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    This is adorable.
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    Huzzah! I made that shirt! I can’t wait to see Lucy in it on her book tour! And don’t be nervous, Lucy- you’re always...
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    Oh my gosh!! I’m super excited for this book and this dress!